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About the product

Especially designed for private pools, Swim Alert™ benefits from the latest detection technologies developed by MG International, world leader in private and public pool safety..

Equipped with a powerful integrated siren and a remote alarm to place in the dwelling, Swim Alert™ is simple to install and easy to use.
Its small size and sleek design combine to allow Swim Alert™ to maintain a low profile while it provides positive protection.

Effective, dependable, and simple to install and operate. Swim Alert™ is the superior choice in pool alarms. And the proof is provided by more than 300,000 satisfied customers around the world.


espio-senor • The Swim Alert™ fall sensing alarm system triggers powerful sirens at poolside and inside your home whenever people weighing 18 pounds or more enter your pool, either accidentally or without your permission. Alarms are triggered within seconds to notify you immediately.
Swim Alert™ meets the requirements of ASTM F2208-02 and is effective in pools as large as 20' x 40'.

• The wireless remote unit provides a secondary alarm along with status and low battery lights to monitor the system at a glance.

• User friendly, Swim Alert™ is armed and disarmed at the poolside alarm station with a unique magnetic key.

• While Swim Alert™ dependably senses fall, it is not falsely triggered by other routine water disturbances. Exclusive Aquasensor technology knows the difference between body immersion and wind, rain, and water disturbances created by pool equipment. The result is an absolute minimum of false alarms, which are a nuisance, but which can also deter owners from arming the system when away from home as they want to avoid disturbing their neighbors.

espio-senor• For convenience, the wireless indoor alarm has an extensive 100' range. For safety, if the range is exceeded, a failure light indicates the remote alarm is no longer effectively communicating with the poolside detection system.

• Swim Alert™ installation is simple and fast on new or existing pools. All hardware, including batteries, and simple instructions are provided.

• As another indicator of Swim Alert™ 's quality and reliability, it is backed by a 2-year limited warranty..

SPECIAL NOTE : Exclusive Aquasensor Technology minimizes false alarms. Upon installation and initial start-up of Swim Alert™ , all pool operating systems should be operating (filter pump, waterfall, fountain, cleaner, etc.). Swim Alert™ self-calibrates to its environment during the first 10 minutes of operation so it "knows" not to activate its alarm as the result of these normal water disturbances.

Tech specs

• Exclusive Aquasensor fall detection technology
• ASTM F2208-02 Certified
• Magnetic keys for poolside activation/deactivation
• Strong poolside alarm- 100 db
• Strong indoor wireless remote alarm (85db) with 100' range
• Effective in pools up to 20' x 40' (1,000sft)
• Automatic rearming after bathing
• All installation hardware included
• Alarm Failure signals
• Low battery light
• Batteries included (4 "D")
• Chemical and UV-resistant materials of construction
• Two-year limited warranty
• Poolside unit dimensions: 9.5" x 9" x 2.5"
• UL listed
• NSF certified