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Main working principle

esio-senorAquasensor smart technology quickly and dependably senses pool fall by people that are 18 pounds or heavier to meet ASTM F2208-02. A powerful poolside alarm (100 db) and wireless remote alarm (85db) are both activated within seconds when fall is detected. Swim Alert™ is effective in pools as large as 20' x 40'.

While Swim Alert™ dependably senses fall, it is not falsely triggered by other routine water disturbances. Exclusive detection technology knows the difference between body fall and wind, rain, and water disturbances created by pool equipment. The result is a minimum of false alarms.

Swim Swim Alert™ is armed and disarmed at the poolside alarm station with a unique magnetic key. With the unit in "alarm mode" just place the key on the swimmer icon to switch to "swimmer mode." To manually re-arm the system, wait for the water to calm and place the magnet on the swimmer icon again. Or, Swim Alert™ will automatically re-arm itself within minutes after swimmers leave the pool.

It is important to note that, for safety sake, Swim Alert™ cannot be disarmed remotely. The magnetic key system requires pool inspection before disarming

Streaming video

How does it work?

Fixed on pool coping, Swim Alert™ constantly analyses pool water thanks to its immerged probe. In case of an immersion or a fall in the pool, Swim Alert™ analyses the generated underwater wave and triggers its powerful sirens to warn of the danger and therefore optimizes adult's reaction.

When you want to swim, you inform Swim Alert™ using the provided magnetic key and Swim Alert™ will therefore suspend its monitoring while you are swimming. After swimming, once you have left the pool and the pool water has become still again, Swim Alert™ automatically restarts its monitoring and informs you.

During the time between the end of swimming and the automatic rearming of Swim Alert™, it is compulsory to remain vigilant


• Choice of location -- • final attachment --

Choice of location

espio-senor-placementDo not install your device on the pool edge before having determined the location that will ensure optimal monitoring of your swimming pool.
After having determined the appropriate location, you must ensure that the siren can be heard from your home.Your fall detector must be positioned in the center of the greatest length of your swimming pool, on a coping (position recommended for rectangular swimming pools). If your pool does not correspond to the configurations shown below, ask your retailer for advice. Check that there is easy and practical access to the activation zone (where you place the magnet).

warningEnsure that Swim Alert™ is more than 3 feet away from the filtration system (return fittings, waste plug, skimmer, vacuum fittings, etc.) or waterfall or any other device that may disturb the pool at this place. Your fall detector can be used on pools with maximum dimensions of 20 x 40 feet (6 x12 m), and must not be more than 28 feet away from all possible fall locations. In the case of a larger swimming pool, or one that is of a particular shape, ask your retailer for advice.

Pool under construction: final attachment

warningWARNING: Swim Alert™ is liable to set off its siren during the various operations.
It is therefore strongly recommended to switch to OFF mode (see §7.6) so that it can be freely handled during its final installation.

espio-sensor-placement- Pull back the rigid angled tube by a few inches to release the cover.
- Remove the cover from your fall detector.
- Locate the 3 holes at the bottom of the base.
- Position the base on the coping so that the rigid angled tube is more than 0,2 in away from the coping.
- Using a felt-tip pen, mark the position of the holes to be drilled in the coping through the 3 holes in the base .
- Remove the base from the coping.
- Drill the 3 holes in the coping with a Ø 0.3 in. bit and set the rawplugs in place .
- Place the 3 stabilizing foam pads under the base, at the appropriate locations .
- Position and fasten the base using the 3 screws and the 3 washers (the 3 washers are inside the box).
Do not crush completely the stabilizing foam pads while screwing .
- Position the 4 small black joints on the base screw barrels .

warningWARNING: The installation of the joints and foam pads, like the fastening, must be done with care to ensure waterproofing and proper running of your device.

- Check that the two large black joints are properly positioned in their housing on the base.
- Put the rigid angled tube back in place .
- Put the cover back in place and screw the 4 screws as tightly as possible (do not use an electric screwdriver) and put the 4 protective caps in place.
- Fasten the rigid angled tube on the device by screwing the small screw in the hole on top of the rigid tube.
- Check one last time that your alarm is working properly.

• Switch to DISARMED mode by moving the magnet over the swimmer symbol (5 short beeps, red indicator light flashing).
• Wait for your device to restart automatically (1 long beep – green indicator light flashing).
• Perform a fall test as far away from your device as possible.
• If the fall is detected in less than 20 seconds, your installation is validated.

- Wait for Swim Alert™ to restart automatically before walking away from the pool.
- Complete the test validation sheet and send it